02/07/2012 05:10 am ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

'Alcatraz': Guy Hastings Is The First Guard To Come Back, Reveals Surprise About Ray (VIDEO)

After four inmates in a row from the '63s opened up the series, Guy Hastings represented the first decent man to come back on "Alcatraz" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on Fox). In doing so he not only revealed a little of the experiences the returnees went through, but he also helped Rebecca make a startling realization about the man who practically raised her, her surrogate uncle Ray.

It turned out he was a lot more than surrogate. In the pilot, she realized that the man who killed her partner was her grandfather Tommy Madsen, also a '63. By the end of the hour, she'd learned that Tommy and Ray had been brothers, making Ray her family for real. Why he'd never told this wasn't explored, as Ray spent most of the hour held hostage by Hastings.

Hastings was desperately looking for Tommy's son in hopes of finding Tommy himself -- again with the mysterious drive and motives of the '63s to do things -- but he was doing so partly under false pretenses. In a moment of reflection, Hastings revealed a bit of what happened to him and the other guards in 1963. Meanwhile, his daughter was telling her side of the story. She'd lived on the Rock with him.

On one side of things, Hastings' wife and daughter were being told that he'd died in an accident on the island. Hastings told Ray that he and the other guards had been told that their families had all died in an accident. He also said that the guards were told they were sick and contaminated, and then "it wasn't 1963 anymore."

That's when Rebecca arrived and the story ended. Hastings was captured, and Hauser even let him see his daughter and her family for a brief moment. Where he was taken after that and what his role might be in the future remains a mystery. Less of a mystery, thankfully, is Ray. His connections and expanded role this episode were much needed. At least his connection to everything makes a little more sense now.

The big surprise was saved for the end when Tommy stopped by to visit his brother Ray. After Ray gave up the old family house, Tommy couldn't stay there any more. But Ray explained he's not interested in doing anything to protect his brother anymore. Not if it puts Rebecca in danger. So he laid it out plain. "If I see you again," he told his brother, "I'll kill you."

See what mysteries are revealed next as "Alcatraz" continues Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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