Courtney Stodden Stars In Credit Score Commercial As A Mermaid (VIDEO)

02/07/2012 04:50 pm ET | Updated Feb 10, 2012

Wondering where Courtney Stodden has been lately? Well, we definitely found her. The aspiring model/singer/actress stars in a new commercial for -- and we've never seen her like this before.

The ad, which hit the Internet this week, features two amateur fishermen hoping to score a sweet catch. After one guy's attempt comes up short, he throws in a bigger hook and finds none other than Stodden, dressed as a mermaid, on the end of his line.

How this whole scene relates to someone's credit score, we don't exactly know. But from the looks of this ad, it appears Stodden is looking to break in the acting business, in addition to her attempted music career.

And if you think you've seen a proliferation of mermaids on the Web lately, you're not alone. Katy Perry's recent ghd hair-care ad, which was released in early February, features the pop star dressed as a mermaid as well.

It has come to The Huffington Post's attention that while Courtney Stodden appeared in a video claiming to be from, she and the team behind the video have no conncetion to the credit score website.

From did not hire, approve, or compensate Ms. Stodden or her production team for an advertisement or to represent the brand in any fashion. She and a production team were among dozens of creative producers who responded on spec to a posting on, a crowdsourced video production service, where brands and agencies post specific video assignments to generate creative concepts for review and consideration by a brand. Poptent's participation guidelines specifically state that any and all work product must first be selected, reviewed, and approved by the client brand or agency before it can be commercially shared or distributed. Such review and approval from or never occurred.

Check out the video above, and don't miss other Courtney Stodden photos below:


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