JaVale McGee Mistake: Wizards Center Plays Defense But His Team Has The Ball (VIDEO)

02/07/2012 01:35 pm ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

You don't open the NBA season with a 5-20 record without quite a few mental lapses. On Monday night, Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee produced perhaps the silliest such error.. so far.

During the third quarter of their win over the Raptors, McGee attempted a hook shot after driving across the lane. The shot missed and then McGee turned and ran back toward the basket that his team was defending.

The only problem? One of McGee's teammates had grabbed the rebound.

Somehow, McGee made it all the way past halfcourt before he noticed that no one else was joining him on the other side of the court. After hustling to get back on the offensive end of the court, Wizards point guard John Wall rifled an alley-oop attempt in his direction. McGee couldn't get control of the pass. And, finally, the Raptors actually took possession of the ball.

Despite the abundant confusion on this play, the Wizards would go on to win the game in overtime, 111-108.

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