Professors Do Not Love Reagan Enough: Report

02/07/2012 08:00 am ET | Updated Apr 08, 2012

Do you love Reagan enough? Well, apparently your professors don't.

According to a poll done by Young America's Foundation, a conservative youth group, your professors are not generally rating Reagan as the greatest president of all time, which means of course, that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

A press release on YAF's website has more:

Last year, Gallup released a national poll indicating that the American public believed that President Reagan was the greatest President in American history. More than 19 percent of the public rated him as their top choice, beating second place President Lincoln by five percent.

In the YAF poll, not one of the 284 professors surveyed listed him as their top choice—60 percent didn’t even list President Reagan in their top ten.

But don't get too offended Reaganites! Professors regard Reagan slightly better than President Obama (61% of professors think Reagan's presidency was "mostly a success" compared to the 59% who believe that of Obama) and much better than President Bush.

President Reagan has been on the minds of many recently -- his specter has been invoked often in the Republican presidential run-off. Reagan's 101st birthday was on Monday, prompting Haley Barbour, his old political colleague, to issue a warning to prospective heirs to the Gipper's mantle.

“Let me make sure that one thing is clear about Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party," Barbour told the crowd, "Reagan did not demand or expect everyone to agree with him on every issue. He wasn’t a purist."

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