02/07/2012 10:17 am ET | Updated Feb 07, 2012

Super Bowl Bet: Jona Rechnitz Pledges $50,000 Winnings From Safety Call To Charity

A Super Bowl bettor who scored $50,000 on Tom Brady's blunder is giving it all away to charity, TMZ reports.

While gambling in Las Vegas, Jona Rechnitz wagered $1,000 that the Giants' first points of the game would result from an unlikely safety, the Big Lead reports. Only one other Super Bowl in history opened with such a play and the odds were stacked at 50 to 1.

But when Brady threw the ball 50 yards to the center of the field to avoid a sack, the move was deemed an intentional grounding and a major win for Rechnitz.

"@TheBigLead best bet of the day," Rechnitz press secretary tweeted.

But just as quickly as the New York real estate executive pocketed the money, he pledged to give it all away to charity.

Rechnitz told TMZ that he plans to give $5,000 to a cause dear to Brady (in hopes that the quarterback will match it) and $5,000 to a charity chosen by the Giants defensive linemen who made the safety play. He plans to divide the rest of the money among a bunch of noteworthy causes.

When it comes to picking a charity, we have some ideas as to which one Brady may choose.

Back in June, Brady played in a benefit football game for Best Buddies International, a nonprofit that provides leadership, recreational and employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilitiesaccording to

The New England Patriots star also recently put his name behind Matching Donors, an organization that works to match living kidney donors with those in need. Brady has been supporting the cause in hopes of helping his football mentor -- Tom Martinez -- find a lifesaving kidney match.

"He's a great friend of mine for a very long time and taught me how to throw a football at a very young age," Brady told ABC. "He's been looking for a kidney for quite a while."


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