02/08/2012 11:43 am ET

Ed Schultz Slams Rush Limbaugh For Accusing Obama Of 'Monkeying' The Jobs Report Numbers (VIDEO)

MSNBC's Ed Schultz tore into conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh during his show Tuesday night. Limbaugh was the topic of Schultz's "psycho-talk" segment for accusing President Barack Obama and his administration of "monkeying" and "jimmying" the January jobs report.

Schultz played footage from Limbaugh's radio show on Tuesday. Limbaugh, who Schultz referred to as the "noted conservative columnist and college drop-out," told his listeners that he "failed to grasp" the January jobs report. "I'm still struck by the difference in that raw number of two and a half million jobs lost, and the government telling us 243 thousand were created. The bottom line is this...the withholding tax receipts number doesn't line up...Obama monkeying the numbers here, jimmying around with things in an election year, designed to make things look better than they are."

Schultz fired back. "Limbaugh admits he doesn't understand what he's talking about but he's confident the President is cooking the books. He's wrong," Schultz said.

He then referenced what he called the "Murdoch-owned" Wall Street Journal, which published an article that broke down the jobs report and concluded that more jobs were added in the month of January. Schultz referenced more conservative sources to provide Limbaugh with "more evidence." He called Limbaugh "arrogant" and said he "wants the President to fail at all costs." Schultz called Limbaugh's accusation "desperate psycho-talk."


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