February 7 Primary, Caucuses Winners & Losers

02/08/2012 01:06 am ET

Republican presidential candidates fought for momentum in three contests on Tuesday, in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

The two caucuses, in Colorado and Minnesota, are responsible for assigning 36 and 40 delegates, respectively, to the Republican National Convention. The results of the day's elections, however, are non-binding, meaning the eventual allocation of delegates could change between now and the spring, when their state conventions are held.

The primary in Missouri is even less significant, as it is not even recognized as being a part of any delegate allocation or selection process. The state will hold a binding caucus on March 17 to assign its 52 delegates.

The four remaining GOP candidates, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul, campaigned around the three states hoping to maintain or bolster their standings in the wake of last weekend's showdown in Nevada.

As with every competition, regardless of how they are formulated, there can be both winners and losers. Take a look below and vote for the biggest in each category.


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