02/08/2012 12:43 pm ET

Jan Brewer: Republican Presidential Race 'Nasty But Exciting,' Still 'Up For Grabs' In Arizona

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said she thinks the "nasty but exciting" Republican presidential primary will heat up even more when the candidates come to Arizona for the state's primary contest Feb. 28.

Brewer, who has yet to endorse a presidential candidate, said Arizona voters are "anxiously awaiting" visits from the GOP hopefuls, who will likely campaign in the state before the Feb. 22 CNN debate in Mesa.

"It's an interesting primary," Brewer said on Fox News Wednesday morning. "It's been up, it's been down, and I think that we are anxiously awaiting to have them all come out here for our debate."

Brewer said she thinks "we'll really have the proof of who is going to win Arizona" after the debate, refusing to name one candidate as a Republican frontrunner.

"We are all watching very, very carefully, and I think that it is up for grabs," Brewer said.

The contentious governor -- who recently stirred controversy after having a tense exchange with President Obama over comments made in her book, Scorpions For Breakfast -- said she wouldn't make a decision about an endorsement until after the Feb. 22 debate.

"We would like them all to come out and talk to us directly, and so we are waiting," Brewer said. "I think [the race has] involved a lot more people with all the different debates that have taken place. It's gotten a little nasty but exciting."

The Arizona primary will likely be one of the most important Republican contests in February. While an endorsement from Brewer could affect the race, other GOP gubernatorial endorsements have fallen flat.