02/08/2012 09:49 am ET | Updated Feb 08, 2012

Mamadou Ndiaye, Tallest High School Basketball Player, Leads Team To Victory

Whoa. Clocking in at 7'5," Mamdou Ndiaye of Brethren Christian High School in California is likely the tallest high school basketball player on the planet. Now, a video featuring a game highlight from the seven-foot superstar is going viral -- and it's pretty intense. Check out the unbelievable video above to see Mamadou totally take down the competition.

Originally from Senegal, the center can score from the middle of the court, block any shot, and execute a slam dunk like he's strolling through the park on a sunny day -- which makes for some pretty stiff competition for the opposing team, who inevitably looks like toddlers in comparison.

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