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02/08/2012 01:52 pm ET

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal: Pilot Brett Hazlett Flies Over Valle De Bravo, Mexico (VIDEO)

About 100 athletes from around the world took to the skies above Valle de Bravo, Mexico, to compete in the two-week-long Paragliding World Cup Superfinal in January.

While the competition produced breathtaking videos of flyers gliding above the hilly terrain, the race isn't all fun and games. At any time, athletes can face unexpected challenges like powerful wind gusts and rough landings.

The clip above, taken by Canadian pilot Brett Hazlett, shows footage of turbulence he experienced during flight, according to the video description. Despite the obstacles, the video features astonishing footage of skies dotted with colorful parachutes.

Racers qualified for the finals by competing in events held in Colombia, Korea, Austria, Turkey and Spain, Cross Country magazine reports.

Swiss pilot Peter Neuenschwander won the competition, with France's Jean Marc Caron finishing in a close second. Hazlett finished in 59th place.

Watch the video above for amazing footage taken high above Mexico's Valle de Bravo.