Alleged Squatters Caught With Cocaine, Marijuana, Guns, 10 Grenades, And A Pig

02/08/2012 07:27 am ET | Updated Apr 09, 2012

Two accused squatters are in custody after police say a New York resident arrived at his property in Miami to find them inside his home, where responding officers shortly discovered guns, grenades, drugs, and a pig.

Police arrested Darin James Febus, 37, and Miriam Scott Bailey, 32, who was found hiding between a blanket and a couch, on drugs and weapons charges. Additional charges may be leveled against the pair if laboratory testing determines the grenades are active.

The incident reportedly began just before 6 p.m. Tuesday when, the homeowner told Miami Police, he flew in and discovered the pair living at 2021 SW 37th Avenue. While responding to an ensuing dispute call, investigators say they discovered the narcotics, a handgun, and a shotgun inside the home, along with 10 grenades in an open drawer in a bedroom and a pig roaming the premises.

In fact, the only way the incident could be more "Miami" is if the pig was a rooster wielding a machete. But the experience was scary for adjoining neighbors, who were evacuated as busy SW 37th Avenue was shut down for a couple of hours as the Bomb Squad Unit removed the grenades for testing and possible detonation.

"The actual owners of this home are from New York," said Miami Police spokesman Lt. Freddie Cruz. "They came down, and it's possible that these individuals aren't legally renting, that they could be squatters."

But according to CBSMiami, neighbors say the pair are not squatters, but have lived in the "known drug house" for years.

The pig, reports WSVN, has been returned to his pen.