02/09/2012 01:48 pm ET

Barbara Walters Does Graffiti With Artist David Choe (VIDEO)

Barbara Walters recently took a walk on the wild side, doing graffiti with artist David Choe.

Choe, a famous muralist, painted the walls of Facebook's office in exchange for shares of company stock. That stock is now worth $200 million. He sat down with Barbara Walters for his first interview, where he lamented about news organizations "beating down the door" to hear about his windfall.

Walters also tried her hand at Choe's craft. He took a can of spray paint to Barbara's white blouse, and lifted her into the air so she could tag a wall. The two also painted a mural with the caption "Babs, don’t make me cry." She posted pictures of her foray into graffiti to her Facebook account.

Walters seemed delighted by the experience, which she discussed on "The View" on Wednesday. She said that Choe had taken care to watch for any cops nearby.

She also seemed charmed by his response to a question. "How much am I worth?" Walters asked, holding out her arms after he tagged her blouse.

"Priceless," Choe answered.


Barbara Walters' career

Barbara Walters' career