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Karlie Kloss Skipping New York Fashion Week? (UPDATED)

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Seeing as New York Fashion Week is essentially a convention of Louboutin-clad yentas, it's not surprising that rumors fly faster than the crowd at an Alexander Wang sample sale.

So with the shows just barely underway, the latest juicy gossip is this: Karlie Kloss may not be walking New York Fashion Week. At all.

In a classic case of Fashion Telephone, Fashionista picked up the tidbit from Fashin, who picked it up from CNN's Alina Cho, who tweeted:

HEARING: @karliekloss cancelled all catwalk appearances in NY for a big opportunity... #nyfw #backstagepass #cnn

"A big opportunity" could mean many things. Shooting some extravagant campaign? Signing an exclusive deal to walk another show in London, Milan or Paris? She did just tell Vogue UK how badly she wants to walk Burberry... but as far as we've seen, she's still safely in New York (appearing most recently at Jay-Z's charity concert at Carnegie Hall).

If Karlie has booked some "big opportunity," we're obviously happy for her. But if the rumors are true, the runways just won't be the same without her familiar figure. She is coming off a remarkable year, where she overtook the fashion shows, starred in multiple campaigns, walked her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and posed for several controversial editorials.

What could Karlie possibly have in store that tops all those accomplishments? We're keeping our eyes and ears open...

UPDATE: Daily Beast reporter Isabel Wilkinson confirms that Karlie will NOT be walking the NYFW runways this year:

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