Megyn Kelly Jokingly Roasts Her Mother For Spanking Her As A Child (VIDEO)

02/09/2012 05:33 pm ET | Updated Feb 09, 2012

In a rather bizarre segment on Thursday's "America Live," Megyn Kelly revealed that she was spanked as a child -- and brought on her own mother so she could grill her about it.

The Fox News host was discussing a new study that says children who are spanked become aggressive adults. Kelly poked fun at herself, replaying clips that showed her getting, well, a little aggressive on air. "I was spanked as a child," she said, almost darkly.

Kelly spoke to medical expert Dr. Marc Siegel, who called the study "very convincing" but pointed out that the results vary according to the degree of spanking. Then, out of nowhere, Kelly brought her mother onto the show via telephone, and proceeded to "prosecute" her for spanking.

Kelly's mother joked that her daughter was "a hellraiser" as a child, and exchanged pleasantries with Dr. Siegel, whom she seemed to know. Then, channeling her law degree, Kelly charged, "first of all, you admit that you spanked us regularly, don't you?"

"I admit that I cracked you on the butt, with clothes on by the way, once in a while," her mother responded. "You never were over my knee and got a spanking."

Kelly then revealed just how much thought she put into roasting her mom. She brought out surprise evidence to make her case: a pre-recorded message from her brother Pete about spanking. Pete recalled "being spanked on occasion" -- sometimes by "Mr. Spoon."

"I will say Mr. Spoon was never used on me," Kelly remembered. "But my sister and I definitely had the back of the hand."

She admitted that she only remembered being spanked twice, but joked that she could have worked for NASA if she had not been so damaged by spanking.

"I programmed you to be an anchor and I did well," her mother concluded.

It is not the first time Kelly has shared stories of childhood mischief. She said that she shoplifted once as a pre-teen, and called it "the crime of her life."


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