02/10/2012 01:09 pm ET | Updated Feb 10, 2012

Best Make-Out Bars In New York: HuffPost Editors' Picks

In light of certain approaching holidays, we decided to ask our coworkers where they thought the best make-out bars in New York were, and we cobbled together this list out of our scientific survey.

What constitutes a good make-out bar, you ask? We follow a few criteria.

Is it somewhere good for meeting someone to make out with?
Yes, sure.

Is it somewhere good for making out with someone you already know?
Sure it is! But why make out in a bar with someone you already know?

That's it. Some people like darkness and privacy, some require open spaces, others need to be enveloped by feathered burlesque dancers. But the most important finding of our office survey: if you've ever wanted to make out with a HuffPoster, just go to Union Pool.

So! Browse our list, and add your own suggestions and anecdotes in the comments, below.