02/10/2012 08:19 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2012

Obama To Reporter Asking About Contraception Ruling: 'Come On Guys' (VIDEO)

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President Obama shot down reporters pestering him for a comment on his controversial ruling on contraception during a Thursday photo op in the Oval Office.

Obama was meeting with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, but at least one reporter was not interested in debt crises or the future of the European Union.

"Is there anything on the contraception controversy that you can share with us?" he asked.

"Come on, guys," Obama shot back.

The ruling, which mandates that most religious employers pay for their workers' contraception, has suddenly become a political flashpoint, and the Obama administration is reportedly set to come up with a compromise sometime on Friday.

On Thursday's "Hardball," Chris Matthews played the footage of the encounter in the Oval Office.


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