Phil Cuttance's 'Faceture' Series Plays With Geometry (VIDEO)

02/10/2012 11:52 am ET

Phil Cuttance is a craftsman in every sense of the word. He uses a basic machine, math and a careful hand to construct his product. Unlike other craftsmen, his creations have a precise geometrical quality more on par with art than functional use.

Cuttance's most recent collection of household items with flair, "Faceture," includes vases, lampshades and the occasional piece of furniture. Each piece is handmade from resin that was cast in a mold using a basic machine.

What makes his work stand out, though, is the geometrical quality of it. Each piece is a shell of meticulously proportioned triangles that have been molded to resemble a wonky piece, almost like a crushed soda can.

The result is complex, but the machine to build it is simple. An all-encompassing mobile wooden contraption with a couple levers, a few gears and space to work that he refers to as "The Machine" is used to make every piece in the "Faceture" series.

Watch the video below to see Phil Cuttance at work: