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Wendy Williams Reveals Her Mother As Special Guest Co-Host (VIDEO)

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Wendy Williams Show
Wendy Williams Show

Wendy Williams topped off a week of celebrity guest co-hosts with a very special treat: an entire show with her mother, Shirley.

Wendy's energetic mother was on hand to dish about celebrity gossip and interview singer and actor Vanessa Williams. She also talked about her love for wigs and Spanx.

Shirley donned a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and a fashionable black ensemble, which she later said was from Last Call Neiman Marcus. "We're big bargain hunters," Wendy said of her family.

During Wendy's hot topics segment, Shirley weighed in on recent rumors that Regis Philbin may be participating in the upcoming season of "Dancing With The Stars."

"What do you think of that, Mommy?" Wendy asked. "I think Regis has had his day. I don't think he should be on," Shirley said of the legendary television host who left his role as co-host of "Live! With Regis and Kelly" late last year.

Williams looked visibly stunned and said, "You can see where I get some of my ways from...Mommy, I was thinking the same thing." Williams said that she thinks that Philbin "should be regal at this particular point, and reign over showbiz. But certainly not do 'Dancing With The Stars.'" Wendy's father was also on hand to join in on all the fun and seemed to agree with his wife and daughter.

Shirley was far more excited by the prospect of country star Dolly Parton participating in the show. "Oh, I like her!" she said. This is not the first time Shirley has appeared on The Wendy Williams show. During her appearance in 2010, Shirley brought her daughter to tears.

View Wendy and Shirley's chat about Philbin above, and more Shirley moments in the after show below:


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