New York Fashion Week 2012: Rag & Bone Backstage Beauty

02/11/2012 08:20 am 08:20:50 | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Inspiration: Patti Smith goes to India.

Makeup: Revlon Artistic Director (and wife of r&b designer, David Neville) Gucci Westman went for a simple, yet graphic look. "It's very sophisticated for rag & bone. We wanted to take them downtown with the hair and makeup." She really put emphasis on the eyes, working three different types of eyeliner (Revlon Creme Gel Liner, Liquid Liner and Luxurious Color Eye Liner) around the entire eye. "In my head, I was thinking a Patti Smith-type...if she lived in India. That's what I thought of for the eyeliner, because I did it underneath. And the ends are square. But it still has to feel effortless and cool. It's still unexpected because it's on the bottom." Westman finished the look by lightening up the models' skin tone with a dusting of highlighter.

Hair: Redken lead stylist Guido Palau created what he calls, "very rag & bone hair." Which backstage equated to a roughed-up, dreadlock-like wave situation. "Every season we try to interpret another way of doing kind of natural, kind of easy, sort of cool hair," he said. "Meaning, the girls never look better than when they walk into the fitting. I try to enhance that look. I put a lot of product in the hair, but not in a dry way, but in a slightly dreadlock-y way. Sexy, but it feels a bit more clumpy." Palau created a messy, '70s center part, then added in Redken Full Frame mousse to build volume in the hair. "Work the natural texture. I'm not going for that kind of sea spray texture. I don't want it to look romantic. I'll ruffle a bit on the crown. Because of the product, it will lift the hair. Feels very cool. Downtown cool."



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