02/11/2012 03:24 pm ET

Sarah Palin Impersonator Crashes 2012 CPAC (PHOTO)

A convincing Sarah Palin impersonator, sitting in the Woodley Park Noodes & Co. near the hotel hosting the Conservative Political Action Conference, said she will not endorse Newt Gingrich during Sarah Palin's speech at CPAC on Saturday -- because, in fact, she is not (as reporters learned afterward) Sarah Palin.

The woman, who calls herself "the world's premier Sarah Palin impressionist," winked and used a folksy voice while discussing the need for the political process to work its course before she endorsed. "It's cold here in Washington!" she said, then stammering, "And Alaska."

Click here for HuffPost's CPAC live blog. Below, a photo of the woman impersonating Palin.


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