02/12/2012 01:03 pm ET | Updated Jun 29, 2012

Grammys 2012: Adele & 11 Past Winners Holding Too Many Grammys (PHOTOS)

Before Adele cleaned house at the 54th annual Grammy Awards Sunday, we noticed something unique (and pretty funny) about music's biggest night. Perhaps the greatest part of the show is seeing musicians win a BUNCH of awards and then have to walk out in front of the press while trying to hold them all at once.

We mean come on: when was the last time you saw someone holding six Oscar awards? In this respect, the Grammys stand alone.

So how many Grammys is too many to hold? Let's just say that Too Many Limes Guy better watch his back, because he's got some competition here. Vote for your favorite picture!

musicians holding grammys