02/13/2012 12:37 pm ET

Arm Wrestling Champ Accused Of Killing Wife By Throwing Her Out Window In Massachusetts

A Massachusetts arm wrestling champion was arrested on Friday for allegedly killing his wife by pushing her out a two-story window.

Allen Stilkey, 40, was charged with manslaughter and assault after a neighbor found his wife, Lisa Stilkey, unresponsive outside their Douglas home that night, The Boston Globe reported.

Former colleagues were shocked when they heard that Stilkey -- winner of several arm wrestling titles and named the International Armwrestling Federation wrestler of the year in 1995 -- was accused of violence.

"I've never known him to be violent," William Cox, executive director of the group, told the paper. "I've known quite a few of the girlfriends he's had in the past. I've never heard anything vaguely, or remotely related to abuse."

Lisa Stilkey, 44, was found severely injured on the grass outside the couple's two-story home on Friday, likely thrown out the window, The Associated Press reported.

It's yet unclear what the circumstances were leading to her death. Allen Stilkey was held on $500,000 bail.

He was a fan favorite in the world of arm wrestling, known as a "well-groomed mystic" with an intimidating pre-game dance, according to a 2001 profile by