02/13/2012 04:34 pm ET

Art Of The Sky: Aurora 2012 (VIDEO)

Most of the artwork we feature on HuffPost Arts is created by, well, human beings, but sometimes the most dazzling visuals are beyond our control. We humbly present art of the sky!

During January's Aurora Borealis a magnetic solar wind entered Earth's magnetic field, turning the sky into a fast-motion velvety blanket pierced with gorgeous glittering lights.

This video presents the night sky in all her majesty, complete with some questionable accompanying music. At first the combination of audio and visuals is so powerful we challenge you not to shed a tear. Then the music choice gets increasingly more bizarre, but the images are still incredible enough to overcome the weird Teutonic electro schmaltz. (Did Rammstein volunteer themselves for this project?) Turn down the volume midway through to enjoy the stars in peace, or laugh at the frenzied rush of buzzsaw guitars as they enter the mix and ruin everything.