02/13/2012 11:26 am ET

Beer Bed Pays For Couple's Wedding In New Zealand

While consuming alcohol and engaging in experimental carpentry may not seem like an ideal combination, sometimes it yields beautiful (and lucrative) results.

New Zealand carpenter Steve Sandvoss saved a year's worth of beer bottles in his garage. When deciding what to do with them, he opted to take on a man's highest dream and make it a reality by building a bed out of beer bottles.

The resulting frame used 212 large and 106 small Heineken bottles and took 20 hours to make. The most intoxicating aspect is the fluorescent lights Sandvoss installed at the base of the bed, giving the green bottles an alien glow in the darkness. See more images of the glowing green bed frame on Trade Me here.

The bed sold online for over $3,000, exceeding the reserve price by $500. The cash will help pay for his upcoming wedding, although Sandvoss won't let it go without second thoughts. "I think I'll get really emotional when I sell it," he said to The Dominion Post. Who knew beer beds were so romantic? Perhaps he can also begin investing in supplies for his next big carpentry endeavor. (We're waiting for the phrase "I'm busy working on my beer bed" to catch on...)

What do you think about this project? Genius recycling or subpar garbage? We bet one person would be a fan: