02/13/2012 05:04 pm ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

Single Presidents And World Leaders (PHOTOS)

With St. Valentine's Day nearly upon us, many minds begin to wander toward breakups, makeups and which songs should play the soundtrack to the romantic evening.

But if you're single this year, no need to be an Anti-Valentine, and no fretting necessary; you're not alone. In fact, some of the most powerful political leaders in the world fly solo, too, as featured in the gallery below. Some, by choice, and others, by circumstance.

So look on the bright side: These people have made it to the tops of their political pyramids, where they now stand alone. All you'd have to do is slip into something sleek, slap on some Marvin Gaye, and maybe sleep with them to get there, too.

*Note: HuffPost cannot guarantee the availability of these individuals. Please let us know if you find them to be tied down.


The Bachelor: World Leader Edition
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