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'The Vow' Kim And Krickitt Carpenter: Real-Life Couple Talks About Their Love Story (VIDEO)

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Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, the real-life couple who inspired the film "The Vow," stopped by the "Today Show" on Monday to talk about their marriage and the tragic car accident that changed their lives forever.

The couple had only been married for two months when the accident left Krickitt without any memory of her marriage in November 1993. Despite Kim's efforts to jog his wife's memory, nothing worked.

So Kim decided to make Krickitt fall in love with him all over again. Two years and countless dates later, the couple re-married.

"I chose to love him, and obviously my love grew for him. He's a wonderful individual," Krickett told "Today" host Ann Curry.

"You have to stay committed," Krickitt said. "You have trials in your life and you have to keep persevering." The couple later wrote a book together about their experiences, also called "The Vow"."

The film version of "The Vow," which stars Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, premiered on Feb. 10 and earned nearly $42 million in its first three days in theaters.

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