02/14/2012 07:05 am ET

'Alcatraz': Paxton Petty Brings His Bombs To The Present, Along With Questions (VIDEO)

Finally, we got another glimmer of the '63's experience on "Alcatraz" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on Fox). When Paxton Petty managed to disable Hauser by getting him to step on a bomb, it allowed Soto and Madsen a chance to learn more about these mysterious returnees than they'd ever been allowed to under Hauser's scrutiny.

In doing so, they found out that the prisoners don't seem to know how they got into the present any more than they do. There was no talk about the compulsions some of them have shown, but Petty seemed only interested in setting more of his bombs and blowing things up. And that's why Hauser was so interested in him.

Hauser was a police officer back in 1960 and he was assigned the Petty case, Apparently, there was one bomb they never tracked down, even though it has also subsequently never gone off. A point he assured Petty of, to Petty's great disappointment. The criminal took visible joy in killing people with his explosives, as seen when the bomb defuser brought in to save Hauser was blown up thanks to Petty's tinkering with his bombs.

In flashbacks, it was also revealed that Hauser was clearly smitten with Dr. Banerjee. Furthermore, whatever records may have existed about Alcatraz never included her. Soto had no idea there'd ever been a female doctor on the Rock. Considering she also had somewhat radical psychological ideas for the time, perhaps Banerjee isn't a '63 in the present. Perhaps she is rather from now and traveled into the past.

Regardless of where she was originally, though, one thing was clear. Banerjee '63 was most definitely interested in Officer Hauser, as he was in her. That explains why he's so devoted to her now. A devotion that leads him to make a rather impulsive decision, after the hospital she was at hinted that she may be dying. He took her to his New Alcatraz and Dr. Beauregard, who should recognize her as the woman who stole much of his thunder back in 1960 on Alcatraz -- and also questioned why he was taking so much blood from Tommy Madsen.

Find out what secrets lurk next as "Alcatraz" continues Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

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