02/15/2012 11:48 am ET

Amazon's Weirdest Products: 10 Absurd Items You Can Actually Buy

You can find some pretty weird stuff at online retail giant And we're not just talking about discovering a secret stash of cocaine tucked into a used textbook (something that really happened this year to a college student from Kansas). We're talking about totally wacky products that you can browse right now on Amazon.

If you happen to be searching for wolf urine, a dead animal's behind or a Sigmund Freud action figure, you'll find them all on Amazon, plus a few other oddities that will leave most shoppers scratching their heads.

A 32-ounce container of wolf urine will cost you $31.95, and, according to its reviewers, it's useful as a child-repellent and tastes great with OJ. (The rest of its reviews are equally strange.)

You can snag a Sigmund Freud action figure for just $9.30, and, with an average rating of five stars, it "makes a great gift for your favorite mental health professional," according to one reviewer.

At nearly $100, the ornamental "deer rear" takes "the ancient and honorable tradition of 'use every part of the animal' to a whole new level," as one reviewer noted.

(Check out the video below for more of the weidest products Amazon has to offer.)

Apparently, the world's largest online retailer really does sell just about everything. With 16 departments, featuring everything from MP3s to clothing to groceries, it's no surprise that an online shopper would stumble upon the occasional runny nose soap dispenser, bacon air freshener, or horse head mask.

The last of these has actually been on Amazon's "Best Seller" list for a month, along with normal products such as a Canon PowerShot camera, Levi jeans, and, of course, the Kindle Fire.

A recent rumor suggested that Amazon may be on the cusp of opening physical retail locations in Seattle, Wash later this year. If an Amazon Store ever does open its doors, do you think it'll sell wolf urine?

Check out the video below to see other odd products you can find on Amazon, and let us know if you've ever stumbled upon anything strange on the site!

By the way, if you really do need wolf urine, you can find it on Amazon's "Home & Kitchen" page.