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Valentine's Day: Animal Mating Rituals Get A Little Wild (PHOTOS)

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From The Nature Conservancy:

So you think you've had some strange dates? This Valentine's Day, The Nature Conservancy compiled the top 10 most bizarre examples of love in the wild.

"Nature can get pretty wild, especially when procreation is at stake," said Sanjayan, lead scientist of The Nature Conservancy. "While we may find mating habits of some critters bizarre, they just might remind you of someone you know."

Unfortunately, many of these creatures are at risk of disappearing forever because of habitat loss, climate change and other threats.

"Nature is powerful, but for many animals, their future now depends not only on their mating prowess but on what help we give them. If we don't protect their homes that future is in jeopardy," Sanjayan said.

Do these wild lovers remind you of anyone? (if so, you can send an e-card to a loved one!)

List and captions courtesy of The Nature Conservancy.

Bizarre Love In The Wild
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