Giant Teddy Bears Take To The Skies (PHOTOS)

02/14/2012 06:59 am ET

JetBlue and stuffed animal maker Vermont Teddy Bear have teamed up for an awww-worthy Valentine's Day stunt that's produced some incredible images of over-sized bears up in the air -- and hanging out at airports across the country.

The collaboration was initially conceived as a way to help a few lucky customers celebrate the holiday with loved ones, with winners getting JetBlue flights to deliver gift bears to far-off valentines.

But the photos of oversized teddy bears steal the show, with the stuffed animals standing in for airline passengers, checking in at airport kiosks, walking through JetBlue's flagship Terminal 5 in New York and buckling into seats in between other flyers. One teddy even stops for an in-airport massage.

It's not the first photo-op stunt from the New York-based carrier: A silent disco on Halloween made for some similarly strange snaps.

Obsessed with stuffed animals and even have them as travel companions? So do lots of other people.

Teddy Bears in Flight