Jeremy Lin Linsanity: Knicks Star Inspires Internet Clamor

02/14/2012 08:10 am ET

It is safe to say that the Linternet Linsanity over LiNBA Linsation Jeremy Lin is Lincreasing, and will Linger long after journalists run out of dreadful portmanteaus.

Yes, Twitter and Facebook have seen an almost insufferable (er, Lin-sufferable) number of hybrid Jeremy Lin words over the past week, as the upstart Knicks point guard has ridden a wave of social media popularity to become one of the most famous athletes in America. His Twitter account is now way up over 200,000 followers; his fans have made #Linsanity a trending topic on Twitter during the Knicks guard's games, and now they are clamoring for his merchandise. Lin's jersey is already the top seller in the NBA, where it has remained since Feb. 4.

It is fair to say that the Internet has enhanced Lin's notoriety, if not created and then driven it to its current peak. Like the more divisive Tim Tebow, Lin is a celebrity whose name recognition has certainly benefited from a more constantly connected, obsessively-Tweeting, oft-sensationalist Web.

As social media users have united in collective fascination with the Knicks' new star, we decided to do some -- here we go again -- Lintrepid Linvestigative reporting, finding some of the more creative ways that web Lintrepreneurs are capitalizing or celebrating Lin's emergence. Below are 11 ways the Internet is going nutso for Jeremy Lin. WARNING: A non-toxic amount of Linvented Jeremy Lin words abound in the following slideshow.

Jeremy Lin Web Detritus
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