'John Carter' Clip: Taylor Kitsch Evades Barbarians, Jumps Off A Clip (VIDEO)

02/14/2012 03:41 pm ET | Updated Apr 15, 2012

If this newest clip from the film "John Carter" teaches you anything, it's that only one man can evade a group of 12-foot barbarians by jumping off a cliff onto a boat: John Carter.

Starring Taylor Kitsch as the titular character, "Carter" follows a Civil War veteran who gets mysteriously transported to Mars and goes on a question to save its people. The film is based on the famous novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

"John Carter," which stars Kitsch, Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Willem Defoe, Lynn Collins, Dominic West and Thomas Hayden Church, hits theaters nationwide on March 9. It's the first live-action feature film from director Andrew Stanton, best known for his work on "WALL*E" and "Finding Nemo."

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