McCarren Park Pool May Develop Ice Skating Rink For Winter Season

02/14/2012 11:31 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

The $50 million makeover currently sprucing up the concrete badlands of McCarren Park Pool may be slated for a spring debut, but it looks like the city's parks department is already thinking ahead to the winter months.

A new proposal submitted earlier in February has plans to transform the park into a winter wonderland by icing over the pool to seek the "development, operation, and maintenance of a seasonal ice rink."

Proposals are due by March 15, so we'll have some time to see what eventually becomes of the potential development. If the city greenlights the project, we can expect the rink to be open between the period of October 15 and March 30 and include both a skate rental and sharpening stand.

The iconic pool, located within the 35 acres that make up McCarren Park, first opened under developer tycoon Robert Moses in 1936. The pool officially closed its doors in 1984, only to be reopened in 2005 as a venue for popular concerts, outdoor parties, and a beloved slip-n-slide, attracting music acts such as Grizzly Bear, Girl Talk, and many more.

The $50 million renovation has Williamsburg residents gearing up for some family-oriented changes to the pool, as the fancy overhaul includes a gym, recreation center, and two Olympic-size pools.

The city also recently announced a $930,000 fund to help fix the park's "Hipster Lake" that has continued to flood the area after heavy rain.

Watch below to see MIA performing in the pool in 2008:


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