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Montana Time-Lapse Shows A Week In 4 Minutes (VIDEO)

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Do you have four minutes? If so, then you can spend a week in Montana.

Canadian filmmaker Preston Kanak recently posted the time-lapse video seen here after spending a week in Montana. Shot in "various locations around Montana," according to Kanak, the video also features music from post-rock band God Is An Astronaut.

If you're a fan of nature time-lapses, be sure to check out artist Ken Murphy's "A History of the Sky" video, shot at the San Francisco Exploratorium museum.

This video from Chile and another from Oregon both show how stunning time-lapses can be. Outer Space also becomes more remarkable with this time-lapse taken from the International Space Station.

For a more unusual time-lapse video, click here to see pig butchery set to Jay-Z.

Click here to view more of Preston Kanak's videos.


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