02/14/2012 01:07 pm ET

News Corp Employees Turning On Murdoch, Much Like Todd's Interns On Todd

"There is nothing the Murdochs will not do to protect their own backs." So said a senior executive under media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose empire seems to be crumbling from within.

But it could easily be a quote about Todd.

Hear me out: Todd's interns make fun of him. Of course, he'd never tell you that, because he's incapable of self-reflection. But it's true.

I once glimpsed an email thread out of the corner of my eye that the interns were writing to each other. The subject line was "Quotes of the day: Todd edition." The only one I could see in the email body was "Carpe lunch."

I know for a fact Todd says "Carpe lunch," and I know for a fact that he thinks it's an extremely clever thing to say. But the fact that he's cartoonish and absurd would be much easier to forgive if he wasn't, like Murdoch, horribly selfish to boot. What kind of person accepts a promotion when his girlfriend is the one who makes all his stories readable? If not for me, I'm pretty sure Todd would start and end all his journalistic endeavors with something like "Carpe lunch," if not actually "Carpe lunch." Trust me: if you're the type of person who says "Carpe lunch" even at all, you probably say it a hell of a lot.

The thing I'm sad about is that I dated a person who has reduced me to writing a post with the words "Carpe" and "lunch" strung together in it, even in the context of pointing out its terribleness as a phrase. That's what I'm sad about. I'm sure Mrs. Murdoch and I would have a lot to talk about.