In The Office: What's The Line Between Flirting And Schmoozing Especially If It's An Intern??

02/14/2012 01:01 pm ET

It's important to maintain cordial relations with your co-workers in order to ensure your success in the office. But for women, what's the line between being friendly and being a little too friendly?

While it should go without saying that groping or otherwise sexually harassing co-workers is a bad idea, what about subtle winks? Little compliments on their hair, or shirt, or shoes, or smile? Nicole Williams, author of, "Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success," argues that women should engage in a little flirting to get ahead.

Of course, it's inappropriate for senior executives to get involved with any employee that reports to them. But what about interns? (Hi Kent!) Interns in different departments? Interns who are definitely at least sort of flirting back? Interns who make the workplace a better place, unlike Todd, who makes it a living nightmare.

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