02/14/2012 06:46 pm ET

Rat Delicacy In Thailand

We're not talking ratatouille. That stuff's vegetarian.

In Thailand, roasted rodent meat has become something of a delicacy, according to a BBC report. More expensive than chicken or pork, a kilogram of rat meat goes for about $6.

In a video report, the BBC's Tom Santorelli reports on the Thai delicacy that many may find repugnant.

Professional rat-catchers start work before the sun rises, setting traps near the rat holes. It may sound gruesome, but their line of work is quick and nimble compared to the methods employed by some city-dwellers.

In Mumbai, the city's army of rat-hunters don't even mess around with traps; they go straight for the kill by smashing rats against the ground or bashing their heads in with sticks.

According to the BBC, rat meat is so popular that demand for the cooked rodent flesh is outweighing the available supply.

If this cuisine makes you queasy, we advise skipping the BBC's video footage.

What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Would you try rat meat?