02/14/2012 09:39 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

Shepard Smith To AT&T: 'Your System Is No Good, You Fibbed To Me, And I Don't Appreciate It' (VIDEO)

Shepard Smith is not happy with his cell phone provider.

During his Monday night Fox News show, Smith, who is an AT&T customer, lampooned the data company for attempting to limit his supposedly unlimited data plan.

Smith said that AT&T was slowing down its data plan to encourage Smith and other unlimited data plan subscribers to pay for a tiered plan, in which customers would have to pay different rates for different amounts of data. Smith said that some customers' data plans are so slow, their phones are basically useless.

Editor-in-chief of social media site, Lance Ulanoff, sat down with Smith to discuss AT&T's data service plan. "I'm not doing anything differently than I ever have, but now they're going to charge me more for the same thing I've always been doing," Smith said to Ulanoff. "Thanks, because you know what, you're system is awesome. It really works great!" Smith jokingly said to AT&T.

Ulanoff began describing how Smith actually uses a ton of data, but Smith interrupted him. "But, Lance, Lance," Smith said. "When I signed up for this plan—wait a minute, I'm going to finish—and I bought this phone, they told me I could [use an unlimited amount of data]. And now that I've signed up and I bought this—and I've done everything the way they tell me to do it—now I've got to pay more."

"They changed the meaning of the word unlimited," Ulanoff said.

"They hook you first. It's like giving you crack. It's all-you-can-eat crack, until you like a lot of crack, and then you have to pay more," Smith said. Speaking to AT&T, Smith added, "Your system's no good, you fibbed to me, and I don't appreciate it."