02/14/2012 08:50 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

New York Fashion Week Fall 2012: 'Exhausted' Tinsley Mortimer Talks Posing, Rigors Of Fashion Week

A fixture on the New York social circuit, Tinsley Mortimer knows a thing or two about posing for photographs, "I mean, if you see yourself in pictures a lot of times you learn what works and what doesn’t," she explains, laughing, "So I typically will cross my legs, I feel it makes me a little bit slimmer." But, that's not all, "Sometimes I put my hands on my hips, which I know is embarrassing, but it actually looks better in a picture. I think if you’re confident and sort of like it, then you’re able to smile better."

Having seen the socialite at almost every event we attended this week, from Glamour's party at The Box to the front row at Herve Leger, we had to ask: how in the world does she do it all? "I do get tired," she conceded, "I was exhausted." She offered this precautionary tale: "Saturday night, I didn’t go to the Herve Leger dinner, I just was feeling sick. I had gone out for two nights before and just needed to take a little bit of a break, but now I know I’m missing other fun parties." But, she doesn't take such truancy lightly. "Now I’m sort of angry at myself, I should’ve paced myself in the beginning. But I was really excited for this Fashion Week, so I just kind of went gung ho in the beginning, but now I feel rested."

We saw Mortimer arrive at Glamour Magazine's March Issue party on Friday night. Although it seems unlikely, Mortimer insists that she used to be a regular at the sexually provocative club, "I haven’t been at the Box Club in a couple years, but I used to love it." Known for live on-stage exhibitionist performances, it is difficult to imagine the uptown blonde down on Chrystie street: "It was always fun with the show and everything. I saw some really scary, raunchy things, but also some cool things. They always pick people from the crowd too sometimes, but they never picked me."

Mortimer arrived at the event more than fashionably late - in fact, she arrived as we were leaving. "Unfortunately I got there very late because I went to the Box here at Lincoln Center first." Big oops. The Box at Lincoln Center, the venue's smallest stage, is on the Upper West Side, while the club, The Box, is on Manhattan's Lower East Side. "I just assumed because the Pepsi party was at the Lincoln Center's the box the night before, and I just read the invitation quickly."

For proof that Mortimer is not lying about her signature pose, please see the slideshow below:


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