02/15/2012 02:56 pm ET

Bob And Gloria Farley, So Cal Couple, Survive Memory Loss With Unforgettable Love (VIDEO)

This love story is unforgettable.

Bob and Gloria Farley were married for 17 years when Bob, an LAPD training officer, got in a car accident and lost all of his memory, CBS reports. "I was a blank slate," Bob said.

“I felt so alone and scared. My rock was lying there and not helping,” Gloria recalled.

However, Gloria used "love and commitment" to persevere with her husband, with whom she had two small children. She spent years showing Bob photos of his life and helping him remember memories such as their wedding and the birth of their children.

Eventually, Bob began to regain some of his memories and all of the love he had for Gloria. “I started romancing her, dating her again," Bob said. “Forty-one years later I still call her my bride. I still have her on a pedestal and she’ll always be up there."
Gloria and Bob have come out on top after staying true to their marriage vow, "for better or for worse."

Gloria told CBS, “After these 41 years of being married, I can say that Bob and I love each other more deeply than we did when we first got married, because of what we’ve given to each other.”