Achilles, Cat Stuck In Ceiling At Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Has Landed Safely (UPDATE)

02/15/2012 11:39 am ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

For aircraft enthusiasts, the term "ceiling" typically refers to the maximum altitude a plane can reach, or the lowest level of clouds above the ground. For aircraft enthusiasts with cats, however, "ceiling" may just be the thing their feline friend is stuck in.

We aren't kidding.

Will someone please call the FAA? Achilles, an exotic Bengal cat, just reached cruising altitude in the ceiling above Broomfield's Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.


9News reports Achilles has been recovered in a live trap at the Denver Air Center. The cat's owner, Mary Palmer, told the station the cat "succumbed to the aroma of the tuna in the trap."


The Broomfield Entrprise first reported that a woman preparing to fly home Monday first decided to release her cat to use the litter box. After leaving his crate in the bathroom, Achilles reportedly jumped onto a nearby sink, then leaped through a hole in the ceiling left over from recent construction work.

"You can hear the cat in the ceiling," said Trish Reynolds, Achilles' owner's sister, to KMGH. "But people can't get into the ceiling because of how it is constructed."

Attempts at luring the cat out with food, bells, milk, and even other cats have so far failed. A Daily Camera report states Achilles has eaten food left in the ceiling for him, but he's either too scared or is having far too grand a time up there to descend.

Flickr photo via MeowMixx1980


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