02/15/2012 08:15 pm ET | Updated Feb 16, 2012

CNN Producer Jennifer Hauser Wins $1 Million In Lottery 3 Months After Winning $100K

Most days CNN producer Jennifer Hauser spends her time working on news stories.

Today, she's making the news.

Hauser, who lives in Atlanta, scratched her way to a $1 million win in the Georgia Lottery playing the instant game 50X The Money.

Since this win occurred just three months after she won $100,000 playing a different game, Georgia Lottery Black, it's not surprising that she didn't know how to react.

“I was a little numb,” Hauser said of the prize, which she claimed on Monday. “I didn’t know what to think.”

Hauser bought a new car and paid bills with her old winnings and now says she may use some of her current prize to buy a new car for her mother.

A double lottery win is certainly unusual, but it's not uncommon.

On Feb. 8, Erik Holmes, 44, claimed a $500,000 lottery prize, less than a year after he won $104,000, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.