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Lawrence O'Donnell Calls Out Ann Coulter Over Mitt Romney Flip-Flopping (VIDEO)

Posted: 02/15/12 09:01 AM ET  |  Updated: 02/15/12 12:27 PM ET

Lawrence Odonnell

Lawrence O'Donnell called out Ann Coulter during his MSNBC show on Tuesday by highlighting key moments in the recent years when Coulter has changed her tune on GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

Coulter, who staunchly supports Romney's 2012 run for the Republican nomination for president, has not always backed the candidate.

"Every time Ann Coulter talks about Romney at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), she has something new to say. And it's something in direct contradiction to the last thing she said," O'Donnell said.

He ran clips of Coulter's 2007 appearance at CPAC. Coulter said that she thought "Romney was probably [the Republican Party's] best candidate" for the 2008 presidential election. In 2011, Coulter told a CPAC audience that if the Republican Party does not run New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, "Romney will be the [2012] nominee and we'll lose."

Just last week at CPAC, Coulter said of Romney, "You can't call him dumb. You can't call him crazy. You can call him square...Let's try square for a while."

O'Donnell criticized what he called Coulter's standard for endorsing a Republican candidate. "If you can't call him dumb and you can't call him crazy, he gets the Coulter vote." He then told Coulter that she was "right the second time," referring to the 2011 clip he played in which Coulter predicted Romney becoming the Republican nominee for president and losing the general election.

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