02/15/2012 09:32 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

Mike Tyson At Knicks Game: Ex-Boxer Curses, Talks 'Ear Thing' And Pigeons During Interview (VIDEO)

Where do we start with this Mike Tyson interview? The cursing? The ear? The pigeons?

During halftime of the game between the Knicks and Kings at Madison Square Garden, Tyson gave an interview for the ages to Jill Martin of the MSG Network. A jovial Tyson, who reportedly addressed the visiting Kings before the game, was featured in MSG's "Live From Celebrity Row" segment.

In hindsight, MSG probably wishes they'd gone with Whoopi Goldberg or that guy from "The Sopranos," who seems to often be courtside. Perhaps suffering from a serious case of Linsanity, or perhaps just because he's Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champ delivered some terrific and profane unintentional comedy.


After trying to hit Martin up for some cash in order to sing, Tyson informed her that he's bought some "dumb shit" after she asked about his worst purchases. From regrettable purchases, Martin eventually moved to general regrets. Asked about "one life do-over" that he would like, Tyson responded, "That ear thing was pretty heavy. I wish I could do that one over."

Admirably pushing ahead after the candid Tyson unexpectedly brought up the infamous 1997 heavyweight bout when he bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's right ear, Martin asked, "You would take that back?"

Tyson responded, "Yeah, at least not his ear."

How does any interview get back on track after a tangent like that? By discussing Tyson's pigeons, obviously.