Rodrigo Alonso, Chilean Designer, Transforms E-Waste Into 'N+ew' Furnishings (PHOTOS)

02/15/2012 12:00 pm ET

Got an extra computer or broken speaker lying around? Why not hand it over to designer Rodrigo Alonso?

The Chilean artist transforms a range of e-waste into brightly colored stool sculpture installations, which are carefully encapsulated in epoxy resin and mounted on melted aluminum bases.

Dubbed N+ew, Alonso's unusual handmade designs are crafted with raw materials from a local recycling company, Recycla, which donates the e-waste free of charge.

"The idea behind N+ew isn’t the creation of a recyclable object," Alonso said in an email to the Huffington Post. "Instead, the aim is to immortalize the waste and to give a last use, especially since its only destination is contamination."

Alonso isn't the first artist to extend the life of used technology. Artist Yuri Zupancic transforms microchips into beautiful, tiny pieces of artwork, while Sarah Frost glues smashed up computer keyboards to walls.


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