Viola Davis, Anna Wintour Cozy Up At Vera Wang... But Will Davis Land A 'Vogue' Cover? (PHOTOS)

02/15/2012 01:50 pm ET
  • Ellie Krupnick Senior Editor of Viral Content and Strategy, The Huffington Post

When Viola Davis appeared alongside Anna Wintour at the Vera Wang Fall 2012 show on Tuesday, many asked the inevitable question: is a Viola Vogue cover on the way?

Maybe. But it's the same question everyone asked last season, when unlikely Wintour pal Nicki Minaj sat beside the editirix at several high-profile fashion shows, including Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. And so far, no Nicki cover to be seen.

So with just a few more chances for celebs to take their coveted seat next to Anna at New York Fashion Week, we decided to dig a bit deeper: is a seat next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week a true stepping stone to the pages of Vogue?

Below, a (highly unscientific) study of the Wintour's front row friends.

Anna Wintour front row friends