02/16/2012 03:36 pm ET

Adele's Ex-Boyfriend Has An Album Now (VIDEO)

It's pretty widely known that "21," the album that won Adele six Grammys on Sunday night, is written largely about a failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend. He even went so far as to demand money in 2011 for his part in inspiring the songs.

Of course he got none, and so Nikki Sara Comedy have come up with an idea for how he could get some income of his own out of this whole situation: release a response album.

Now that we've heard Adele's side of the story, maybe it's time to let this guy tell the same story from the douche-bag's point of view. Considering the success of "Jersey Shore," we're not entirely convinced the album wouldn't do well.

We'll let you guys be the judges.

Via Vulture


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