02/16/2012 02:44 pm ET

'Ice Loves Coco' Sneak Peek: Coco's High Blood Pressure Puts Pregnancy Plans On Hold (VIDEO)

On the Season 2 premiere of "Ice Loves Coco," Coco Austin has a serious health scare when her doctor diagnoses her with severely high blood pressure.

After getting an elevated blood pressure reading of 170/110, Coco at first struggles to process the diagnosis. "When I heard I had high blood pressure, I thought, 'Okay, a lot of people have high blood pressure.' But the more the doctor explained things, I realized, 'This is a little bit more serious than I thought.'"

Coco's nerves kick into high gear when her doctor sends her for a battery of tests to determine what's causing the elevated numbers. With her husband Ice T unable to accompany her to her MRI because he's shooting "Law & Order: SVU," her anxiety bubbles over when she's faced with an MRI machine. But after getting a hug from her doctor and encouragement from her sister, she overcomes her fears. "If my sister was not there holding my hand, I don't know what I would've done," she says.

The episode ends with a dose of good news, and some uncertainty: The medical tests ruled out an enlarged heart or abnormal kidney functioning as causes of Coco's high blood pressure. Still, the doctors haven't been able to figure out why an otherwise healthy 32-year-old would have such a high reading.

Coco's elevated blood pressure puts the couple's plans for having a baby on hold. "It's not good for the baby, it's not good for the pregnancy, it's not good for you, it's dangerous ... We have to get this under control before you start planning a family," the doctor tells them.

With Ice sitting by her side, Coco vows to attack the problem with medication, and whatever other lifestyle changes she needs to make, in order to get healthy. "I feel like I'm gearing towards that time in my life where I should have a baby," she says.

Season 2 of "Ice Loves Coco" premieres Sunday, February 19 at 10:30 p.m. EST on E!


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