02/16/2012 12:47 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2012

Maya Rudolph 'SNL' Promos With Andy Samberg: Shades, Porn And Sharks (VIDEO)

"Saturday Night Live" released some online promos for "Bridesmaids" and "Up All Night" star Maya Rudolph's upcoming guest stint this weekend, and like most of the guest promos for "SNL," the inspired silliness makes us eager to watch the show.

This episode will be the first time Rudolph has returned to host the show after being a cast member from 2000-2007. She's made several guest appearances, but has never formally hosted since leaving. On one of her guest appearances, she became the only person on "SNL" to ever impersonate Michelle Obama, which seems likely to repeat this weekend.

While she was on the show, she frequently performed a memorable Whitney Houston impression. In light of Houston's passing, it seems unlikely that Rudolph will bring back her Houston.

Rudolph's musical guest will be the Brooklyn based band Sleigh Bells.