Seth Rogen's Oscar Pick: 'I Voted For 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.''

02/16/2012 08:44 am ET | Updated Apr 17, 2012

Don't try to tell Oscar voter Seth Rogen that "The Artist" is the best picture of the year.

"I honestly thought that 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' was one of the best movies of the year," said Rogen (via VF.com) during a conference call this week to promote his hosting stint at the Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 25. "It got no love from the awards whatsoever. I loved that fucking movie. It was great ... I'm an Oscar voter. I voted for it."

Despite the Academy's 'Mission: Impossible' snub, Rogen isn't completely out of touch with Awards. His film, "50/50" was nominated for two Golden Globes and is up for a slew of Spirit Awards. Then there was the time Clint Eastwood recognized his friend, Jay Baruchel, while accepting the trophy for "Million Dollar Baby."

"Jay Baruchel is one of my best friends, and he was in 'Million Dollar Baby,'" said Rogen of Baruchel, who co-starred in "Knocked Up." "I literally remember we were stoned off our asses in my tiny shit-hole apartment, and Clint Eastwood won and thanked Jay, who was sitting right next to me in his underwear on my couch. That was the first moment where I realized, 'Oh, the people who throw these Oscars are actually kind of aware of these guys I'm friends with.'"

"Why hire James Franco and then give him Billy Crystal's monologue? It was like, 'Oh, we'll hire these young hosts and then we'll just do the same shit we do every fucking year.'"

With Crystal as host, the Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 26.

[via VF.com]


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